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Our mission
Our mission is to provide healthcare by developing disrupting tools and applied artificial intelligence software that will fundamentally increase the access to diagnostics in remote and rural areas around the world.
The problem
People in remote areas do not have access to specialist physicians. Nurses wait often more than weeks to connect with a doctor. Healthcare organizations cannot afford premium instrumentation to diagnose diseases.
Smart Scope
The Smart Scope
The Smart Scope consists of an adaptor and a special smartphone case.
The adaptor can be connected to the endoscope via a quick-release coupling. The other side of the adaptor is secured to the screw thread of the smartphone case and is thus connected to the smartphone camera. No further positioning of the lens is therefore necessary. Thanks to its high degree of mobility and flexibility, the Smart Scope adaptor offers the ideal prerequisites for mobile use.
The assisted diagnostics tool
We have created the concept of augmented doctors.
We want to replicate our model to build the next generation of intelligent and professional medical devices. Our computer assisted diagnosis system automates the diagnosis of medical images of the eardrums. Our solution helps nurses to easily capture an image of an eardrum and get an immediate insight on the diagnostic. Our solution works even offline with outstanding results (> 98% accuracy).
Use cases
The worlwide smallest endoscope
The assisted diagnostic tool
Our partners
  • Karl Storz
    The Karl Storz company is a global manufacturer and distributor of endoscopes, medical instruments, and devices. The company is the leader of endoscopic instruments for human medicine, veterinary medicine, and industrial endoscopy. As a system supplier, the firm combines its expertise in endoscopy with software solutions to achieve integration in the operating room and to support clinical process and resource management.
  • Clarifai
    The hub of Clarifai's technology is a high performance deep learning API on which a new generation of intelligent applications is being built. It enables Clarifai to combat everyday problems with high tech solutions by providing the most powerful machine learning systems to everyone in new and innovative ways. Clarifai helps users make the most of their data by making it easier to find, organize, analyze, and share!
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